Mandatory Jogs & CraigmoreOnline Blogs

My first post is being written after a rather murderous 3 mile jog; the first proper exercise in about 6 months…

Having just turned 50 and inheriting poor genes resulting in raised blood pressure and a fairly terrible cholesterol score my encouraging and rather forceful sporty family have forced me back onto the treadmill. Like most people in 2016 who work long hours it is always hard to squeeze in time to exercise, but now that I am half way to my target age of 100 (target weights are not for me!!) I must make more time to look after my body. Let me say this, CraigmoreOnline does not sell exercise equipment or Zumba DVDs, and we certainly do not give fitness advice. However, safety at work or home is important to us and to our suppliers such as 3M, Karcher and SIP.

I suppose I should introduce myself… I am Geoff Baird, the founder and managing director of Craigmore and CraigmoreOnline.

Based in Northern Ireland; CraigmoreOnline is the online shop for our bricks and mortar business called Craigmore (no surprise there!)
Craigmore was started over 25 years ago but my business journey goes back to my teenage years. Perhaps I will get to that story in the future.

I have no experience of writing a blog. I have spent the last few months listening to advice, opinions and trawling the internet reading other people’s blogs. …But after all that I can say there is no magic formula and no perfect way, so bear with me!

Here’s what I will state right now, this blog will not be about blatantly trying to sell you more stuff. This blog will not attempt to teach you stuff you know already or will never need to know anyway.
I will always welcome your comments, good or bad and I will always be open and honest because that’s just who I am.

As a fond reader you can find anything from fiction, autobiography and business on my book shelves.
A particular favourite is Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
An addition to the original is a small book with daily quotes and if they are useful or I just like them I share them with others…

I recently read this: “It is possible to be busy – very busy – without being very effective”

Think on that, comment at will, change if you can.

P.S. These fails are guaranteed to cheer up even the dullest Thursday.


Craigmore Karcher Sponsored Porsche at Circuit of Ireland 2015

Craigmore Sponsored Porsche
There may have been glamour models and Hollywood A-listers among the competitors on Circuit of Ireland 2015 Rally, but there was only one real crowd puller – the Tuthill Porsche 911 R-GT sponsored by Craigmore Karcher Centre. Driven by Robert Woodside, with Allan Harryman on the notes, the unmistakable flat-six reverberated around the Mourne Mountains on Good Friday, evoking magical memories of past events.

The Circuit of Ireland has a deep connection with the Stuttgart supercars. During the early 1970’s, the 911 scored back to back wins in the hands of Jack Tordoff and Cathal Curley. Although, Porsche power and ‘The Circuit’ became intrinsically entwined in the mid-1980s. A tie up with title sponsors Rothmans saw Henri Toivonen, Bernard Beguin, Saeed Al-Hajri and the Millstreet maestro, Billy Coleman, drive DRA-run 911 SC RS’s in consecutive events.

The final Rothmans Porsche appearance in 1986 proved to be an unhappy one. Early on day 2 of the event, Al-Rajhi crashed his car heavily and had to retire. Teammate Billy Coleman remained, but his car would also succumb to accident damage. However, just under thirty years later, the 911 was reunited with the inscrutable Irish tarmac, thanks to Tuthill Porsche and the new R-GT rules.
Craigmore Sponsored PorscheThese regulations have enabled Tuthill to take a stock 997 GT3 and turn it into a rather cooking, FIA approved rally car. After a number of outings in World Rally Championship, most notably in the hands of François Delecour, Tuthill brought the 911 to Northern Ireland for a test session in mid-March. The purpose: to see if they could rouse interest for an Easter excursion. Robert Woodside liked what he saw and happily, a deal was struck.
Craigmore Sponsored Porsche
A quick look around the service park, the special stages or social media last weekend, and it was clear that the 911 was the star of the show. Whilst the spectators flocked to the ditches to see the ding-dong battle between Robert Barrable and eventual winner, Craig Breen, no-one went anywhere until the distinctive matt black machine had roared over the crests and dips of the County Down countryside.
When the car failed to complete day 1 due to clutch problems, there was a palpable outpouring of public anguish. Not just from rally fans; but from casual observers to the downright curious. They may not have understood the intricacies of the actual event, but they all recognised the 911. It was the one car everyone could connect with.

The Tuthill mechanics worked late into the night and the resurrection was complete. The car took to the roads for the second day and reinvigorated Woodside brought the car home for a first finish on Irish soil.
Craigmore Karcher Sponsored Porsche
Indeed, it’s fair to say that everyone hopes this is the first of many finishes for the Tuthill Porsche in Ireland. The Tuthill team clearly liked what they saw and have expressed a strong desire to come back. Needless to say, the spectators can’t wait to have the car back! With Killarney Rally of the Lakes only weeks away, the prospect of a Porsche howling through Moll’s Gap would be very special sight to behold.

Story broadcast by and images supplied by Really Mean Sounds and written by Chris Andrews